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"JoinMyWifi" platform

An all-in-one solution comprising the innovative configuration and advanced programming of hardware and software, creating a user-friendly, functional and scalable platform, for professional management of Wi-Fi networks.


Easy Guest Wi-Fi access

Allowing customers to easily connect to the internet without a password and through their Social Media accounts saves time and provides a better customer experience.


Enhance social media presence

Integrating with Social Media allows customers to reward the business for using free Wi-Fi by promoting the business through the different Social Media websites (e.g. Facebook “Like”, “Share”, “Check-in”).


Empower a brand's awareness

Displaying the business's advertisement material while customers authenticate on the network, customizes the branding experience and boosts customers's engagement.

Awesome Features

Socialization between customers

Customers can use the Wi-Fi to detect the presence of their “friends” in the vicinity.

Comprehensive database

The platform's demographic decomposition of customers and the frequency of their visits facilitates the business’s CRM.

Customer loyalty

Using robust analytics helps serve customers with targeted emails and coupon campaigns.

Traffic Control

Dynamic allocation of available bandwidth to active users so everyone gets the same share of bandwidth.

Advanced Firewall

Secure LAN from WAN, secure router from inside and outside, prevent unwanted traffic, DoS, PoD, PSD, bruteforce attacks.

HTTP Proxy

Proxy server performs cache function to speed up customer browsing.