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Advertise special offers, new products and events (Show full page ads to customers)


Share coupons

Share discount coupons (Configure and serve coupons to customers that can be redeemed at any point of sales)


Allow social logins

Allow customers to connect with Facebook, Google and other social logins (These are authentication methods that retrieve information)


Encourage check-ins

Encourage customers to “Check-in” in Facebook



Customize customer experience (Setup user flow to suit your needs and welcome customers with their names)


Create campaigns

Create follow-up campaigns (Send follow-up emails to customers with your events by using the collected emails in dashboard)


Request feedback

Request customer feedback (Present rating forms to customers on their mobile devices before checking out of your hotel)


Receive notifications

Receive real-time notifications from dissatisfied customers (Get email as soon as a bad rating has been received)


Get customer information

Get customer information and browsing activity (Build a CRM by collecting data from user authentications and actions)


View analytics

View usage analytics and demographics in web dashboard (Log-in with unique credentials from anywhere)


Control access

Filtering options (Forbid access to unwanted websites or categories e.g. adult content, torrents, adware, betting sites)


Protect devices

Cyber threads protection (Once enabled, this cloud service protects all devices within the business's network)


    Increase revenue


    Build loyalty


    Enhance social media presence


    Increase returning customers


    Learn your customers


    Generate revenue

Wifi Marketing Solution

Increase revenue

How do all our features translate into return on investment?

Show real-time promotional notifications and increase sales

For example, by showing your new delicious dessert it creates craving and sales go up

Smart WiFi System

Build loyalty

Strengthen the bond between customers and business

For example, by sharing a 20% discount coupon to frequent customers it makes them feel special and more connected to your brand

Facebook Social WiFi

Enhance your social media presence

Let customers do the "work" for you

When a customer "likes" or "check-ins" upon connection, your business is exposed to their friends and their the social network

Best Wifi Solution

Increase returning customers

Contact customers that haven't visited you recently

Keeping in touch with your customers after a visit, for example informing them about your upcoming special offers, makes them return

Wifi Analytics

Learn who your customers are

Learn what websites they visit

Get name, surname, gender, date of birth, location, email, profile picture, device details, connections details, internet activity and more

Wifi for guests

Generate extra revenue

Advertize your suppliers

A business could promote their suppliers in its Wi-Fi and get paid in return for the service

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