Smart WiFi System: FAQ

  • What is JoinMyWifi platform?

    JoinMyWifi is a Wi-Fi marketing platform that combines the strength of MikroTik routers and the features of our proprietary cloud software. It exploits the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure of each business in order to transform it into an effective in-house marketing tool that will bridge the gap between company and customers, and ultimately will drive higher sales. When your customers connect to your Wi-Fi, you capture their contact details and information. Using JoinMyWifi's powerful web dashboard, among others, you can advertise, share discount coupons, request feedback and create follow-up emails. Thus smart WiFi system!

  • For whom is JoinMyWifi platform?

    It is dedicated for businesses that provide Wi-Fi to their customers such as Hotels, Casinos, Malls, Stadiums, Theaters, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Taxis, Buses, Trains, Planes, Convenience Stores, Shops, Supermarkets, Municipalities (Parks, Beaches, Squares, Museums, Health Centers, Libraries), Harbors, Airports, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Wireless ISPs

  • Is JoinMyWifi company an Internet Service Provider?

    No, each client must have a subscription to an Internet Service Provider for our service to work.

  • Does JoinMyWifi platform require existing Wi-Fi infrastructure?

    Yes. In case your business doesn’t have any Wi-Fi equipment installed, our company also undertakes Wi-Fi installations.

  • Is JoinMyWifi platform compliant with EU laws?

    The platform applies all legal regulations and it is compliant with EU laws. Any information retrieved and stored about users is done after their consent by accepting platform’s “Terms and Conditions”.

  • Is JoinMyWifi platform a completely cloud based solution?

    Partly. The platform requires having the appliance (MikroTik router) be inline setup as a gateway of the Wi-Fi network but the management of the appliance and the portal is completely done from the cloud.

  • What type of hardware is required to run JoinMyWifi platform?

    A MikroTik router with the required specifications for the needs of each network.

  • Where can I purchase the hardware from?

    From any MikrotTik reseller/distributor or directly from us.

  • How many logins are supported?

    Every plan supports up to a number of successful connections (logins) per month. Unsuccessful connections (connections that didn’t get access to the internet) or active users (live) are not counted for the plan.

  • What happens if more connections are made to the Wi-Fi than the plan supports?

    If more connections happen than what your plan supports, they will be able to login. However, we will send you automated notices to upgrade your plan. If you continue to ignore those, then your account will be suspended. No extra fee when upgrading or downgrading plan.

  • What if JoinMyWifi platform doesn’t perform as expected?

    We stand behind our solution and are confident it will exceed your expectations. However, if for any reason the solution is not a right fit for your requirements, you have 30 days money back guarantee.

  • What is your support policy? Does it include Wi-Fi maintenance support?

    We provide 24/7 email support with replies no later than 24 hours after the request was received. Service does not include Wi-Fi maintenance; this is the responsibility of the network administrator of each business. For enterprise accounts that require Wi-Fi maintenance support we provide a separate Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • How much does JoinMyWifi platform cost?

    JoinMyWifi platform has a once-off installation fee which includes the essential hardware and a monthly fee license for running the platform. Those fees vary from business to business according to type, size and needs. Contact us to provide you with an offer.

  • Do you offer a pricing plan for unlimited connections?


  • Do you offer a discount if we pay yearly?


  • Do you offer a pricing plan with a once-off payment (“forever” license)?


  • Could we use the platform only some months through a year and adjust the pricing plan accordingly?


  • What is the “Internet Protection” add-on?

    It is an add-on that provides you protection from cyber threads, advanced firewall, filtering capabilities (forbid access to websites and categories such as adult content, torrents, betting etc.), user activity analytics (websites visited by users) and montlhy reports via email. It could be enabled with extra charge.

  • What is the “Internet Usage” add-on?

    It is an add-on that sends you real-time email alerts when internet connection is lost and montlhy reports regarding internet usage speed and capacity per interface (Guests, Staff, POS, WAN). It could be enabled with extra charge.

  • Do you offer white label solution?

    Yes, with extra charge.
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